Private Security

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Private Security

Post by cocomink » Tue Jan 31, 2012 6:06 pm

Some personal Security.

We DO know about the unique IP_address, it is like a license-plate.
This is needed, because computers can only calculate with numbers, not with words.
and translating takes a giant lot of power from all computers.

Usually, this IP_number is visible for everybody, and even registered, to keep track of ALL our doings.
After Microsof, Google is the second biggest privacy_info_collector on internet.

Every file in our computer is known in Microsof database (via "automatic updates"),
Every search-term is kept in Google database, including the IP_number, AND Your mouse_click.

They name it "to give better service".
In fact, originally, they do it for selling adresses for "advertising". (Whats in a name).

The culprit
Every Government have access to that databases! And many do use that access.
Judges, attorney's , policia, secret_services, etcetera. Usually its no big problem of course.
? Did You see "Big Brother Is Watching You", From George Orwell ?
Originally, Mr. Orwell did write it as Fiction :lol:

Completely hiding is Impossible!, We can only help You a bit on making it difficult to spy on You.
If You are suspected already - then Nothing can rescue You anymore. But
We can avoid strangers running in to our activity "by accident".

Example - You can TRY

Code: Select all
"what is my I.P." dot Netherland

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Private Security

Post by cocomink » Tue Jan 31, 2012 6:14 pm


Search_engine GOOGLE keeps track of ALL our searches, stored in the Google_database.
This database is available for all governments (the policia).

An other search_engine is

Code: Select all
This DO respect our privacy,
This one - different from Google,- Don't keep track of our searching,
or our IP_addres, and it Don't keep track of our surfing!

Of course there are more search-engines with this decent behaviour!

Sending data

Every single word we send out, like UPloading, or posting, Can be easy intercepted.
The local sheriff ( in Dutch - Koddebeier) sitting on his desk,Image reading Your mail WHILE You send it.
Yeahhh - in most country's there are Law's for that, but there is no real protection.
No police-officer is interested in protecting You against her/him self.

We can "scramble" communication with search-engine ixquick with Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
- On ixquick website frontpage - on top - righthand site - "settings"
choose "Secure Socket Layer / https". And then "Save Settings".
Somewhere on screen You shall see a little padlock now.
- Your browser settings must be "Enable cookies" for making this settings permanent.
Don't forget to change that back toYour usual cookie_setting!

Now it is almost impossible to "read" Your search-words directly on-line.
And they are not registered anymore. Image

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Private Security

Post by cocomink » Tue Jan 31, 2012 6:21 pm


a Proxy-Server is a little website, made for our privacy protection.

With a Proxy-Server, we devide our connection in 2 steps (parts) Image

Step 1 - From private computer to Proxy-server
Step 2 - From Proxy-server to the Website we "visit".
- and same way 2-steps back home.
Using this, together with SSL, we can start thinking about some protection.

The local sheriff, (mis-)using our I.S.P., can see nothing, because of S.S.L.
The "target"-Website shall see the I.P.-number of the proxy-server only.


Again in search-engine ixquick, we can click on proxy behind the search-result.
Now ixquick is our protection, making contact to the "target-website",
We receive files from the proxy-server, not from the website.

Be aware: the connection shall be much slower!
Because of the detour via the proxy

Click on unproxy, on top righthand site, to make direct contact,
IF You want to stop the protection.

Now the files are some "secret" in computer, Image
Only known in Microsof database - via "automatic updates" and "remote help allowed",
IF You have that 2 spy-gates still open (=default).
There must be (at least) 1 more spy-gate in winshit! i can't find it (yet). sorry!

TIP From my friend Alex:
It is possible to buy a proxy for only a few hours if You need that.
Just Look at

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Private Security

Post by cocomink » Tue Jan 31, 2012 6:36 pm

An Other IP address

We all know about the trick with Disconnecting and reset modem
But this works only for the "old-fashioned" ADSL-connections.
For more modern connections there is something else in store

An I.P. number on demand Image

Take a look in

Code: Select all
and take an I.P. number as You wish Image
Most of the available I.P's are for PAY-account, and there are some FREE-also.

Now You can Google inside newip without leaving any trace behind Image

be Aware:
This is Your protection only between newipnow and Your target website.
Your OWN connection at home is NOT protected this way!.

more Hiding of I.P. address

We can hide our I.P. forever.
But thats in category pay for it Image

Code: Select all
Some 30$ license. 2 weeks free trying.
Save download on HD, then install. Don't forget to restart computer when ready.
Start via "start - All programs - hide my ip.
In Quick settings You set after howmuch minutes You want to change I.P.
In Advanced settings You can make it start Automatic.
In Supported programs You mention WHAT Browser(s) should use it.
In Advanced / Unlock Tab You can set SSL. (encryption)

One more step for FIREFOX

Code: Select all
OPEN and Install the add-on with Firefox
Then restart Firefox and check Your (new) I.P. Image

Image an I.P. for Free Image

Download Ultrasurf from

Code: Select all
Find Free download and save it.
Unzip it, then the exe_file is ready for You to use, Its stand_alone, no installing.

ultrasurf start automatic with explorer, and use SSL in explorer to contact a proxy.
In tab options You can change most settings Image

ultrasurf can work with Firefox, with a little add_on
Get the zip from

Code: Select all
Unzip and load the xpi in Firefox.
Restart Ultrasurf AND Firefox. activate it downstairs -righthand side.

Firefox and UltraSurf with SSL and a Proxy_server. What more safety can we wish for ?? Image

Bye Bye Big-Brother is watching. :arrow: NOT anymore now. Image

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Private Security

Post by cocomink » Tue Jan 31, 2012 6:51 pm


Network from all kinds of computers, (almost-) all over the world.

All data (like Movies & Music) are first cutted in packets,
All packets travel via different random route's
Only when all packets are on "destiny", then they shall be "assembled" again.

With this system - Nobody is downloading something real from a website.

It sounds like a procedure of Days,
Depending on Quality of OWN connection, we talk about minutes

You can look at

Code: Select all
and take as You wish.
Find Your language version: TOR Browser Bundle for Windows with Firefox

Save the exe somewhere, and then run it.
It is stand_alone (=no installations) but TOR do need a "destination_folder" for downloads.
TIP You CAN use external HD, or USB_stick, as destination.
After Extract, You find In folder Tor Browser all You need for camouflage.

You shall find also TOR's version of FIREFOX.
Don't use Your own version for this!
Be Aware: TOR-Firefox needs a while for start_up. There is much to do

Funny: Downstairs - You read Your identity for that moment (session)
IF possible - S.S.L. will be used automatic

It is possible to use TOR in normal Firefox
BUT on this moment - 23 dec 11
The camouflage shall not work properly

Update - Februari2012

TOR-network is NOT safe anymore!
Because Hackers-club Anonymus found-out that:
This TOR-network was very popular among child-abusers,
Via Dutch Undercover top_journalist (Alberto Stegeman) = All info did go to the Policia,
Nothing wrong with that of course. GOOD work!
The Hackers & the Journalist are not much interested in our adult-things. BUT
the policia is an other story. Big brother is watching You. remember!
Everybody is working hard to crack the identities of TOR- users now.

Virtual Private Network

Sorry! But

In my queste for (Your) security, found not much about this system.
Not much positive - not much negative

It looks like the combination of proxy-servers + S.S.L.

- Its not free
+ Its gives completely Anonymus internet. For surfing, DL, Usenet, and TOR.
- There are several UNreliable parties active on the market
+- Some newsgroups-servers give expensive support for V.P.N.

Known to me as most likely reliable V.P.N. provider$ You can find:

Code: Select all

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Private Security

Post by cocomink » Wed Feb 01, 2012 2:48 am


Lets start this one with a little politics

In Netherland is coming a new law, to restrict internet access.

The word is: "To protect copyrights". And "the target is big companies".
Of course we do trust politicians as reliable and honest :lol:
That political-party, have (also-)the word Freedom in the name

Internet_providers shall limit our access, Is the wish of peoples_party_for_Freedom_and_Democracy.
And Maybe this "liberal" country shall not be the only one.

BITTORRENT is a giantic network again

Most remarkable is: Every file we Download, we share with all others in the network.
SO: It is adviced to download only copyright_free files.
But i have NO idea HOW to follow that rule, Do You ?
Maybe S.S.L. and Proxy_server can help us.

For BitTorrent we can use (among others):

uTorrent (the u as mu from micro)

Code: Select all
Find the Free, and run the exe.
Advise - DON't accept the toolbar - its slow and useless.
In options we can make security settings ( Don't accept incomming legacy)

Vuze Also a nice one.

Code: Select all
Save the free, and run it.
Be carefull! - The downloader shall try to give You also games and other shit.
Read around in "tools/configuration"
Force encryption, and keep level RC4
Don't forget something like "do it now" (downstairs) and close

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Private Security

Post by cocomink » Wed Feb 01, 2012 2:59 am


Generally spoken - NewsGroups are mighty interesting,
Terabytes of movies and music we can find. In all category's.

If You don't care that
Your provider, or the local sheriff, or the F.B.I. is looking over Your shoulder,
then just go ahead.
Again :arrow: S.S.L. is our number 1 privacy protection.

As soon as the encryped file is completely in,
then the D.L-program shall decode automaticly.
be aware: This decoding shall take some power away from the C.P.U.

All programs for reading Newsgroups have S.S.L. on-board.
Only some NewsGroup-Servers can work with it,
Attention to:
Some newsgroup-servers who can use S.S.L. have a different address for it.

Free Newsgoups from Internet Service Providers almost never can handle S.S.L. !

Polite as we are - we would like to post a ThankYou sometimes.
Nice idea BUT NOT so WISE!
Most newsgroups publish the I.D. of the poster in the posting! - usually hidden.

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Private Security

Post by cocomink » Wed Feb 01, 2012 3:21 am


About websites & Services, as we can/shall/must using.

This is an easy one:
UNSAFE = all the rest

How we can think about the topic

File_Servers - WAS reliable. not anymore
Big Brother want lists with uploaders + Uploaded.
Rapidshare gives-in easy.
Hotfile Is still fighting against it.
All others - i have no info about it (yet?)
TIP Russians Don't care about copyright so much.
Unfortunately - Russian file-servers are Technically not so reliable.

Google - Registering ALL our searching, AND our browsing to search_results.
Google-chief say: "We Don't give the database out".
This is a case of reading:
They Don't need to give it - Any government can take it.

I.S.P. (own internet Provider) - Can intercept ALL our traffic. They shall not use it for themself,
but -by law- They MUST give all that info to any police who ask for it.
NB. Did You know that Netherland, with the name as liberal,
have the most telephone- and internet taps in the world!
and probably all with some court-approval.
Read "the most" as "not the only one"

Messenger - All information is intercepted! 24/7 ( but automatic, not manually ).
This is done for Advertising purpose only, finding people's interests. (is some harmless eh?)
- example: Some time ago, i was in chat with a friend ,

i Did mention that i want a big penis 3 times a week.
2 days later - my mailbox was flooded with Vi agra advertising (some 300 percent +).

She told me: She was looking for a new automoblile. YOU can guess about her mailbox.
Unfortunately - all American cars/car_dealers. She is(was) in ASIA, a bit difficult.

Microsoft - Have database with all index's, from almost all windows-computers in the world.
Regulary Updated by ourself! With "automatic updates" and 2 or 3 more applications on_board.
Main (or only?) purpose is to detect popular software in use, who's programmer(company)
did not pay big money to Mr. B. Gate$, for so called "Windows-certificate".

Eventually, You can get via security-updates a little script planted,
Warning You against "unknown software risks".

Or even refuse to start it
Winshit 7 wrote:This is not a valid windows application!
The Database is available for CIA, MI6, FBI, MVD, all kinds of policia, and the like.
THEY know what WE have.

Yahoo - Is not collecting private info by themself, But

They sell the possibillity to spy on the users.
Name is "Third Party" traffic.
All the rest You can figure-out easy, reading Yahoo's Terms Of Service

Computer of the employer (lunch_time) -
Do we really have to discuss this one ? ?
i Don't think so

WMV movie - Inside a WMV is place for a (little-) script (=computerprogram).
Windows Media Player shall read it, AND execute it!

While You watch Your favorite movie - the player can open internet, DL something else,
IF no script to execute - then the player shall update Microsof database.
TIP - This script will be destroyed by most converters.

Did You notice some strange behaviour from Your Firewall already ?!
OR Did Your Antivir scanner kill one or more movies?
Then :arrow: CONGRATS ! But

Please realize: that Winshit build-in Firewall is made to let Microsof spyware passing.
And of course spyware from Company's who pay Mr. Bill Gate$ for that passing.

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Private Security

Post by cocomink » Wed Feb 01, 2012 4:23 am

some off_Topic security

Of Course we have a good FireWall installed!
a little more is

a router :idea: - also if You have only 1 computer.

Real world_class hackers, (We talk about the Top_ten now, more or less)
We can't stop them this easy. But they are not interested in our computers.

We want protection against access from Wild Whizzkids,
Only "running around" to destroy as much as possible everywhere around,
They "see" not a standard computer, but some extra obstacle, (or nothing at all).
- 90% of the kids (and their "hacking_programs" ) shall go.
- The rest is a prey for our Firewall

one more example

my own paranoia installation

computer 1 For privacy only. Internet-cable connected only during checking E-mail.
computer 2 For use by a few (10 y.o.) little friends only. ( Games, Facebooks, etc.)
computer 3 For internet only. no privacy in this one. But it need the Search and Destroy thing 3 times a week
computer 4 My little server. Light protection with a simple (only 7 digits) PW.
This one is checked by some top-grade Hackers - it have no access to the others

Something Else
About some nonsense with the name protection

At Downloading a File - Winshit explorer can block the use of it. :x

Some programs shall refuse to play it, Windows MediaPlayer can Crash :x :x

Before trying to run a file

Right_click on the name. Then
- Downstairs - something like Properties
- Downstairs - Read some bullshit about an other computer If so -then
- Typ the o OR click something like UNblock
- Ready - click Right button ( "do it now") then click OK
:!: You do have a real virscanner :!: So = NO problem to stop that nonsense

some more Nonsense about security

The employer of a friend of me, is very strict on "company_security",

SO- After buying new computer(s) for Administration, he give order to my friend to
=> Destroy the old HD's with a hammer. :roll:

Testings from Data_security-company "Norman-Shark" told us that:
Modern HD's can stand the dropping of a 3_Tons Demolition-ball, without a scratch (inside).
=> :?: What can a hammer do :?:
You destroy steering-wheel of a car? Thinking it shall never ride again?

SOME people still think that FORMAT shall erase all data from a disk.
FORMAT shall only check the disk, and clean the index-register !
Every computer_geek can read the disk after Format as if it is still filled with data !
( copy track after track, ignoring the index-register )

If You want real cleaning then

method A - the Hardware way. => An electro-magnetic burst.
But then You NEED a protection-shield,
So heavy, its more expensive as a new car (middle class)
Or else Your own nerve-systems shall be erased faster as the HD.

Method B - the software way => overwriting all bits&bytes :ugeek:
- Format, to clean the index_register
- Take a solid file - like a TXT, or a BMP,
- Make 1 Directory ( a.k.a. MAP or Folder ) **
- Bring the file IN that Directory Untill the Disk is FULL.
(Every time an other name of course)
- Then DOUBLE the size of the file, and do it ALL OVER again.

- Do all this as MUCH times as Your own patience allows You.

In some publication for professionals, i did read :arrow: Best = 36 times :o
i Have a feeling - they use DOS or UNIX, with a Batch_file. Winshit Can't do this job!

They say that Secure Eraser Can do the job also.

Code: Select all
i don't know who "they" are! so => No guarantee from me.

** Make Directory is because DOS limit the amount of files in Root.

Thats about it. ( For now ). Good Luck.


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Private Security

Post by cocomink » Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:49 am


Inside a Photo ( BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF, etc. ) can be much more as only an image.

Especially the modern cellphone(GSM)-camera's are "masters" in spreading info around.
What to think about the exact GPS-location IN the JPeG You just made?!
The name is EXchangeable Image FileFormat. EXIF.

Right-click a file (photo of course), then "properties" and "DETAILS".

Professional pics are made with professional camera's, so - not much to read,
Usually only some technical info, interesting but not important.
But real amateur pics . . . Just TRY it out.

Downstairs on "Details"-page is option "delete personal info" ( Winshit7 ).
Personally - i dont trust Mr. Bill Gate$ for a dime, is it removing or hiding the info?

An other option is Download the program from

Code: Select all
It is Stand_alone,
No installing - just run after downloading.
"select image" and find Your directory(folder/map) with private pics,
Select all pics with CTRL+A. All the rest is even more easy.

More in a JPeG
Inside a JPG can be much more hiding. UNlimited.

Par Example complete scripts (computer_programs).
If Using reliable, independent viewers, like Irfanview or PSP its harmless,
- The hidden script can not reach the instruction_register of our CPU.
It can only "consume" HD-space.
Who knows what Microsof-viewers shall do with the hidden scripts?!
Most likely, it shall happily take the script, and run it.

Lets be "alarmed" if we see some unlogical file-size.
We can see the hidden content, by open the JPG with RAR.
Sorry- i Have no idea how to remove that hidden content.

Good Luck.